You may have heard the term native advertising. It’s a form of paid media where the message is compatible with the tone and visual appearance of the media in which it appears.

When done effectively, this content provides consumers with relevant, useful information while building a connection with your brand. Native articles are among the most frequently shared content on social media sites.

A recent report from our partner Adtaxi offers some insights.
• 82 percent of consumers like reading content from brands when it is relevant.
• Consumers look at native ads 53 percent more often than display ads.
• 68 percent of total display ad spending will by native by 2020.

While native advertising must be identified as paid content, it is effective in circumventing ad clutter in a busy media landscape.

Our creative services team can help you craft compelling native content, and then distribute it to your customers and prospects on our network of web sites and newspapers.

We’d love to show you how to put the power of native advertising to work for your business.

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