I want to share some very kind words from a Broomfield Enterprise reader named Marcia, who couldn’t be happier with her experience.

She is an out-of-town owner of a home in Broomfield. “Just wanted to relay how valuable the Broomfield Enterprise has been to me in doing a major rehab on the landscaping,” she wrote. “I don’t know have easy access to a network of neighbors to discover who to call… on this trip I used your publication twice to find a plumber to fix a broken water pressure regulator, then also to find a drywall installer to finish out the garage.

“Both Ross Drywall and Tyco Plumbing did a great job and finding them in your paper gave me the confidence that they were reputable for spending the money to advertise in your publication. They responded quickly and gave me fair pricing.

“Thanks to your publication, and thanks to the advertisers who advertise with you.

Now it’s my turn to thank you, Marcia. You just made my day! Advertising in—and reading—the Broomfield Enterprise is a great idea!