As I wrote yesterday, this week is Colorado Journalism Week. We are proud to be a part of this event, in partnership with the Colorado Press Association, Colorado Broadcasters Association and the Open Media Foundation.

It’s a time to celebrate and honor the hard work of Colorado’s working press. This is also an opportunity for citizens to consider how a free press serves our democracy.

Ask yourself: what would we do without journalists? How would we find out the important information that we rely on to know what’s going on in our communities? Would you know where to find all of this information?

In a free society, information needs to be freely disseminated. Elected officials must be held accountable. Our legal system must be transparent, and news sources must be verifiable. And­—even if you just want to know the daily sports scores­—we want our news to be accurate.

We need professional journalists, and high quality journalism. It’s the only way that a well-informed citizenry can make the best decisions for the good of all. Please take a moment as you read today’s Camera to consider these important issues.

We’ll continue our discussion tomorrow.