You may have noticed… I like to brag on our excellent staff here at the Daily Camera. It’s hard not to, when I receive such enthusiastic accolades from our advertising partners about one of our “heroes.”

I recently heard from Court Godfrey, who was writing on behalf of Dr. David VanSickle, a neurosurgeon at the Denver DBS Center. He was sending kudos to Jeanine Fritz, a longtime heavy hitter on our advertising team. Godfrey said, “If you didn’t know it already, you have a superstar on your staff by the name of Jeanine Fritz. She is single handedly making newspapers great again.

“She helped me place some ads in the Boulder papers and was stellar in the process. She made it so streamlined in comparison to other papers I’ve worked with in the past. In addition, she put together a little fix for my online banner ad. Give this girl a raise.”

Some people “make the news.” Others, like our superstar Jeanine, make the newspaper happen. I am forever grateful for all the work our dedicated staff does, every day of the year.