Our digital marketing partner Adtaxi is proud to have earned Facebook’s Small Business Solutions Partner Badge. This is a distinction earned only by meeting Facebook’s highest standard for capability and performance, and showing a solid track record of success.

Adtaxi has integrated Magellan, its own proprietary optimization platform, into Facebook’s interface. It’s a powerful tool in our digital toolbox. Magellan boosts the ROI of your advertising investment by reaching beyond just ad clicks, all the way to actual conversions. Over time, the cost of conversions goes down, and performance goes up. Nice!

“Earning the Facebook Partner Badge is a significant accomplishment and greatly enhances the opportunity for our Magellan solution,” says Chris Loretto, executive vice president of Adtaxi. “We are excited to receive recognition as an innovator, continuously seeking creative and effective solutions for our customers.”

Adtaxi is one of only six partners to earn this recognition. As you can imagine, this provides a huge competitive advantage in the digital marketing space. We would love to put this technology to work for you! Call 303.473.1400.