I’m not typically a premature holiday celebrant. I like my red and green lights in late November, thank you very much … in December is even better. However, the first proper snow of the year and chill in the air have put visions of sugarplums in my head. And guess what? They’re dancing.

There’s no sense fighting holiday cheer; I’m going to run with my jolly tendencies. Besides, now is the perfect time to put holiday season advertising plans into action. So let’s talk turkey (and stuffing, too).

The good news is that nationally, 90 percent of consumers plan to make gift-giving a priority. The mediocre news is that nearly all of them will be doing so with a strict budget in mind. Nostalgia is in traditional decorations and gingerbread houses. Overdoing it is out say goodbye to Clark Griswold-ian light displays.

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