It’s in-the-drawer, next-to-the phone important. It’s full of nuts-and-bolts information, like where to get a driver’s license and how to contact local government officials. It’s The Book on Broomfield County, publishing inside the Enterprise on Sunday, March 27 and online at for a full year. It’s a must-have section for every Broomfield County resident.

    For those of you who have never considered Broomfield a viable target market, think again. Broomfield locals are on the go and have money to spend; the median household income is $64,000. The Enterprise is Broomfield’s No. 1 source for local news, delivered to every business and household in Broomfield twice a week. And The Book on Broomfield County is one of the paper’s most anticipated and utilized sections of the year. Get on board.

    The deadline for premium positions inside The Book is this Friday, March 4. Call 303.410.2640 today.