Please welcome the newest member of our online family, For subscribers, it offers unbeatable, money- saving offers for things to do, see, eat or buy on campus and around town. For advertisers, it’s an unbeatable way to reel in CU students.

Here’s how it works: A Big Buffin Deal is e-mailed to subscribers once a week. These deals are heavily discounted to spur action – 50 to 80 percent off. Students can purchase the offer that day only and redeem it up to a year in the future.

In addition to e-mail distribution, is promoted in the print and digital pages of the Colorado Daily as well as on its Facebook and Twitter sites. The promotional value of this program is $2,400. You can’t put a price on good market buzz.

Best of all, there is zero upfront cost for advertisers. Our payment is a portion of the sales from each deal sold. It’s a low risk, high return situation. Contact Lindsey Sharp at 303.473.1459 or for more information and to reserve your Big Buffin Deal.