This is the kind of enthusiastic response we’ve been getting from our Green Light coupon book. One client reported receiving 10 coupons in one weekend, a result that had taken other publications three months to produce. Other clients are equally satisfied:

“We get steady calls off our coupon book ad,” said Mitch Chesney of Dryer Vent Wizard. “It is the only advertising we’ve ever had a return on.”

“We decided to advertise in the coupon book in our off season … what a brilliant idea,” enthused Paula and Mark Scheil of the Inn on Fall River in Estes Park. “We have had an increase in sales of more then 8 percent. This is what I call a payback!”

The Green Light coupon book is published monthly inside the Camera, Broomfield Enterprise, Colorado Hometown Weekly, Times-Call and Longmont Weekly. You can target your audience, running in the zones of your choosing, or blanket the market with your offer, running in all three zones and reaching 107,000 local, affluent households. Either way, your message will also receive online and mobile exposure at

Green Light provides guaranteed delivery to nearly every home in Boulder and Broomfield counties for less than a penny per household. The August book deadlines on July 14, so call Drew Brightbill today at 303.473.1460 to reward valued customers, entice new clients and encourage impulse buys with Green Light.