My memory is perfectly functional. It’s just overworked. With all the business plans, dentist appointments, anniversary celebrations and school schedules I have running around my head, sometimes it’s hard to capture and keep my attention.


That’s why frequency is so important when crafting an advertising plan. Every time you touch a customer with your message, you increase the space allotted to your business in that consumer’s overtaxed brain. Frequency is why you call tissues “Kleenex” and your children knew the word “McDonald’s” before the names of their cousins. It’s how market leaders become market leaders. Get your name out there, and get it out there often.


With the Camera, it’s easy and affordable to build frequency. Consider it our version of “sticky noting” your loyal customers and most likely prospectsWe even have a sticky note product, and a very successful one at that, if you want to go all the way with the analogy. Call 303.473.1400 for details.