The front page of the newspaper is the most widely read page. And the first ad to appear increases awareness by 40 percent! Sticky notes on the front page of the newspaper guarantee a lasting reference that can be removed and placed in a convenient location.

Combine those features with our low cost-per-thousand and our exclusivity policy, and you have an extremely powerful marketing opportunity.

Our 3-inch by 3-inch sticky notes are great for special offers/ sales, instant redeemable couponing, bounce-back offers, events, fund raisers, public service announcements, games and contests, and creating brand awareness. They are also perfect for holiday events, sales and promotions, particularly since we offer notes in a variety of fun shapes. Tree, star and snowman notes are popular this time of year, but why not promote a holiday movie with a popcorn note or a seasonal rejuvenation special with a butterfly note?

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