I don’t have one particular go-to style or a go-to place when it comes to shopping for indoor and outdoor decor. I’m always looking for fresh ideas and interesting combinations. That’s why I’m excited about reading our upcoming Design Ideas page.
   Featuring ads and inspiration from local furniture, lighting, flooring and many more home-centric businesses, the Design Ideas page will launch Saturday, Feb. 12 in the A section of the Camera. Look for it; there are some great ideas to be adapted.
   If you want to reach the 47,700 market adults who are planning home repairs and/or renovations within the year – not to mention the 133,700  who are planning to buy home furnishings – the Design Ideas page is a great opportunity. Your advertising investment also includes pick ups into the Sunday Broomfield Enterprise and Longmont Ledger. And one advertiser per publication will be selected to showcase a finished product with photos, providing even more exposure.
   Call 303.473.1400 today for more information and to reserve your space.