Nearly two-thirds of Boomer households are now supporting adult children who have returned home, according to a national survey of 50 and better women by Vibrant Nation. Of those suddenly housing full nests again, nearly half are also supporting grandchildren. Many of these women – 13 percent – share their homes with their parents or in-laws as well.

The benefits of living in a multi-generational household are well documented. But there are costs as well. In this survey, 71 percent of respondents reported that it would be harder for them to achieve their personal goals as a result. This mental stress is in addition to the financial toll of caretaking.

Quite understandably, these women don’t have the time to seek out the products and services that could make their lives easier – cleaning, food preparation, health care, financial planning, career mentorship, spa services, artistic outlets and fitness, for example. 

But they would appreciate some help. And your business should be the one to offer it:  women make 80 percent of all buying decisions.

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