We’re in the thick of the season now, which means those visions of sugarplums will be distracting us soon. But don’t take your eyes off the prize just yet; make arrangements now for reaching your target audience during prime last-minute holiday shopping and New Year’s Eve preparation time.

Please note our early holiday deadlines and call 303.473.1400 to reserve your ad.

• Tuesday, Dec. 22: deadline for the Dec. 24 and 25 Camera and Colorado Daily, Dec. 25 Friday Magazine, Dec. 27 Life & Art section and Dec. 28 Business Plus.

• Wednesday, Dec. 23: deadline for the Dec. 26-28 Camera, Dec. 26 Broomfield Enterprise and Longmont Ledger, Dec. 28 Colorado Daily and Dec. 30 Essentials section.

• Thursday, Dec. 24: deadline for the Dec. 29 Camera and Colorado Daily.

• Tuesday, Dec. 29: deadline for the Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 Camera and Colorado Daily, Dec. 31 Friday Magazine, Jan. 3 Life & Art section and Jan. 4 Business Plus.

• Wednesday, Dec. 30: deadline for the Jan. 2-4 Camera, Jan. 3 Broomfield Enterprise and Longmont Ledger, Jan. 4 Colorado Daily and Jan. 6 Essentials section.

• Thursday, Dec. 31: deadline for the Jan. 5 Camera and Colorado Daily.