What is top-of-mind awareness? When someone asks you to name a local tire store, florist or dentist, for example, it’s those first business names or brands you think of. Those are your “top-of-mind” brands.

We help many businesses create that kind of brand recall.

Jackie Wagner, co-owner of J’s Second Chance in Longmont, used our top-of-mind multi-media audience campaigns to help build name and brand recognition. “Our store front is tucked one block west of Main Street, on Mountain View Avenue and Coffman Street,” Jackie says. “I have many people mention that they never knew this store was here.

“Our campaign of print, online and Facebook social media with the Longmont Times Call has packed our store, filled our parking lot, and sold over 400 yards of fabric in one day. It’s the busiest we have ever been. Our customers are happy they have found a new treasure trove of gifts, antiques, fabrics and more!”

In addition to the top-of-mind program, Jackie invested in some of our holiday programs, and told us that Small Business Saturday was one of her busiest days yet.

We can help your business get these desirable results with your own custom awareness program. Call our savvy consultants at 303.473.1400 to learn more.