Have you seen the BigGreenBoulder page in Wednesday’s Essentials section? It’s full of great ecological information and insights, a natural fit for our environmentally aware readers. And because so many of us are involved in greening up our community as well as our planet, we have more news than we could possibly fit on one page. So we decided to launch a forum that wasn’t limited by space or time.

BigGreenBoulder.com is the only website that publishes all of Boulder County’s exciting, up-to-the-minute environmental news, from a scheme to ban plastic bags in Lafayette to the fight over genetically-modified crops to what students at the University of Colorado are doing to make their campus greener. Users can follow along, make comments and suggest story ideas.

Check out BigGreenBoulder every Wednesday in the Camera and 24/7 online. Then call 303.473.1400 to put your ad in front of thousands of active community members/consumers.