Do you know someone who has difficulty reading? Volunteers at the Audio Information Network record publications in English and Spanish for a free 24/7 audio service for the blind, visually impaired, or those with other barriers to reading. The Camera is proud to be among the many publications that are read for AINC users in Colorado.

Having access to local newspapers, ads, and magazines increases the independence and reduces the isolation of these community members. AINC is among the nation’s leading resources for blind, visually impaired and print-disabled individuals. The only service of its kind in Colorado, our services allows registered listeners to access audio programs online, through downloaded podcasts, on TV or over the phone. With recorded content from over 100 newspapers and magazine articles, their statewide programs provide over 1,500 listeners with everything from national news to local news and community events.

Thank you to the volunteers of this worthy organization. And please consider a donation to AINC on Colorado Gives Day on December 5.