The Camera works with more than 100 local non-profit organizations each year to help support their work. One way that we do this is by crafting custom content that informs readers about a non-profit’s mission, how the group helps our community, and how you can get involved.

Fundraising is a year-round effort, and we have a loyal readership who are interested and involved in community matters. They respond to your giving story in inspiring ways.

I recently heard from Doug Yeiser, president and CEO of Foothills United Way, reporting on the results of a custom piece that we had created. “We have received a lot of response from the inserts, with folks saying it helped them to better understand our new direction,” Yeiser said.

“We received renewed commitments from all of our donors who were due to renew their gifts by year end. We believe (the insert) functions as an effective third-party account of our work. We are thrilled with our relationship with Prairie Mountain Publishing, and thank you!”

We’d love to work with your nonprofit spotlight, too. Call 303.473.1400 to learn more.