I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it now: I am so proud of our skilled advertising consultants. They know how to put digital marketing, direct mail, email and social media, and print advertising to work for our advertisers, with winning results. And they understand the importance of great customer service.

I was recently contacted by Shirly White, who served as the campaign manager for Boulder City Council member Mary Young during this past election cycle. She wanted me to know of the great experience she had working with Billy Magrini, a longtime member of our ad team.

“I worked closely with Billy,” Shirly says. “He was extraordinarily patient in helping me to understand the process and options; responsive to all of my questions and order changes; and professional throughout the entire, very taxing election cycle. I wanted you to know about my experience with him.”

When you call our advertising team, you don’t just get a voice on the phone. You get a partner who works to get the best results, using their local knowledge to connect with your customers right where they are. Call our ad team today at 303.473.1400. You’ll see what I mean.