Have you cast your Boulder County Gold ballot yet for Boulder’s Best Services, Faces & Places? The People’s Choice Awards is your chance to recognize the people, places and things that make Boulder County the special place it really is. We call these awards the “People’s Choice” awards because the winners are chosen entirely by our readers (that’s you!).

Just go to dailycamera.com/vote to make your opinion count. It only takes a few minutes. You’ll notice a few new categories on the ballot this year (like Best Colorado Ski Resort, Best Flooring Company, Best Teacher and Best Chef.

See how many winners you managed to pick, and perhaps learn about a few winning destinations you haven’t discovered yet for yourself.

Click on over to dailycamera.com/vote and place your vote in this category by July 21.

You’ve already voted? We thank you! Be sure to watch for the annual Winners’ Edition in the Daily Camera on Sunday, Sept. 29.