CU-Boulder is home to more than 33,000 students, with $239 million in annual discretionary spending. This year’s freshman class includes thousands, and nearly half are from out-of-state. Like most newcomers, they will be looking for a new hair stylist, the best coffee, a great pizza and the best auto care.

This is an enormous and affluent market, and August is when newcomer CU-Boulder students develop their spending habits – now and for the future. Get in on the ground floor with the Colorado Daily’s Welcome Back editions, publishing Fri., Aug. 24, Monday, Aug 27 and Wednesday, Aug. 29.

Welcome Back copies are strategically distributed all across campus and Boulder. The Colorado Daily’s Street Team will also be on campus putting these magazine – and your advertising message – directly into the hands of CU students. Each issue has a special focus, including: Campus Life & Buff Sports; Outdoors, Body & Soul; and Food & Entertainment.

Call 303.473.1400 by Wednesday, Aug. 8 to reserve your ad space. Be sure to ask about our complete Welcome Buffs packages, with print and online ads, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook marketing that run through Family Weekend (Oct. 4-7).