Boulder Rocks! is the Colorado Daily’s popular five-week treasure hunt in and around Boulder. Daily clues in the print and online editions of the Colorado Daily lead readers on a search to find the Colorado Daily Rock. Over the five-week contest, each weekly winner receives $500.

Boulder Rocks will be promoted robustly in the print, mobile and online editions of the Colorado Daily as well as in the print pages of the Daily Camera (reaching 8-of-10 Boulder adults) and on the front pages of all of our web sites (delivering 3.1 million page views monthly).

We’ll also utilize social networking tools Facebook and Twitter – reaching out to our 20,918 fans and followers – to market the contest. Boulder Rocks! will deliver more than 1.5 million impressions. And since this is the only search-and-find contest in Boulder, it’s certain to create market-wide buzz.

The presenting sponsor and one of the weekly sponsors have already been sold; there are only a few weekly sponsors and participating sponsor spaces left. Call 303.473.1400 to reserve your space in Boulder Rocks! today.