The main spots for the Boulder Rocks! contest have been claimed. 

Only three weekly sponsor and a few participating sponsor packages are left, and they’re going fast.

Boulder Rocks! is the Colorado Daily’s popular five-week treasure hunt in and around Boulder. Daily clues in the print and online editions of the Colorado Daily lead readers on a search to find the Rock. Over the five-week contest, each weekly winner receives $500.

Boulder Rocks! will be promoted robustly in the print, mobile and online editions of the Daily as well as in the print pages of the Camera and on the front pages of all our websites.

We’ll also utilize social networking tools Facebook and Twitter – reaching out to our thousands of fans and followers – to market the contest. All told, Boulder Rocks! will deliver more than 1.5 million impressions. And since this is the only search-and-find contest in Boulder, it’s certain to create market-wide buzz.

The contest runs from June 20 through July 22. Call to reserve your space before we’re sold out – 303.473.1400.