I’m always a little sad when Boulder Rocks season comes to an end. For the uninitiated, Boulder Rocks is a five-week treasure hunt orchestrated by the Colorado Daily. Every week, we hide the Rock and provide clues in the print and online editions of the Daily. Every week, the finder of the Rock scores $500. It’s great fun and one of the many ways the Colorado Daily connects with the community.

This season’s winners were an experienced bunch.

Some had been searching for the Rock for years, honing their clue deciphering skills. University of Colorado seniors Justin Dart and Jeff Willich found the first Rock after waking up at 5:30 a.m. every morning to have the first crack at clues. University of Colorado lab inspector Bryan Browne mapped out past Rock hideouts to pinpoint week three’s Rock. Landscape architect Mike Gurrola found the week-four Rock after only three clues.

And then there were the repeat winners. University of Colorado grad student Justin Keller and teacher Angela Nilles have worked together to find the Rock four times, including this season’s week-two Rock. Family-of-four Gary, Renee, Leo and Amelia Circosta tracked down the last Rock with teamwork, as they’ve done two other times in less than two years.

Congratulations to all the Boulder Rocks winners. I can’t wait for next season.