CU-Boulder is home to 31,470 such students, including about 6,000 freshman who will spend even more before hitting the books: an average of $821 each. The math is compelling.


How do you attract these active, affluent consumers? With the definitive, keepsake Fall semester guides to CU and Boulder, the Colorado Daily’s Welcome Back issues. This six-part series of glossy, full-color magazines kicks off Friday, Aug. 21. In addition to our regular distribution on campus, in dorms, classrooms, cafeterias and the UMC as well as distribution throughout Boulder, our Street Team will put the Welcome Back editions – and your advertising message – directly into the hands of CU students.


Still not convinced? Of back-to-college shoppers, 31 percent will use ad circulars and newspapers to comparative shop this year. This Friday is the deadline for the Welcome Back issues and your chance to grab your share of the $240 million CU-Boulder student market. Call 303.473.1400 today.