Boulder’s rockin’ treasure hunt, the Colorado Daily’s Boulder Rocks!, will hit the rocks running in June.
Daily clues in print, online, and via social media will lead readers on a search to find the Colorado Daily Rock. There will be a new Rock hidden every week for five weeks, and each one will be worth $500 to the finder.
Boulder Rocks! will be promoted robustly in the print, mobile and online editions of the Colorado Daily as well as in the print pages of the Daily Camera and on the front pages of both web sites.
We’ll also utilize social networking tools to market the contest. Posts on Facebook and Twitter will  reach out to the Daily’s and Camera’s thousands of fans and followers.
We have one top presenting sponsorship available, which gets your logo prominently displayed on all Boulder Rocks! promotions, including online, print and social media.
We also have five weekly sponsor packages available that offer great value–they’ll sell out quickly!
Call your advertising consultant at 303.473.1400 by Tuesday, May 19 to reserve your sponsorship.