Friday, Dec. 20 is graduation day at CU-Boulder. It’s also a great day to promote your business in the two most powerful media sources in Boulder Valley, the Colorado Daily and the Camera’s Friday Magazine. More than 10,000 visitors are expected for graduation, bringing with them an economic impact of $1 million. Couple that with last minute holiday shopping fever, and you have one big weekend.

The one-two punch of the Camera and Colorado Daily delivers the CU market as well as Boulder Valley consumers. On December 20th, we’ll hit the streets with additional copies of both products targeting those 10,000 visitors. The Camera will be in nearly every Boulder area hotel room, and our Street Team will distribute copies of the Colorado Daily at CU’s commencement ceremony as well as Pearl Street Mall and University Hill.

This is one of the biggest days for the Colorado Daily. Graduates will be scouring it for their names and bragging to Mom and Dad. Parents will appreciate having something to read during the long ceremony. Everyone will be looking for places to celebrate and things to do for the rest of the weekend (items easily found in our pages).

Our graduation day package delivers eight-of-10 local consumers plus 10,000 visiting shoppers, all for only $20 per inch. Call 303.473.1400 today to reserve your space.