Boulder’s Buffalo Academy provides individualized academic tutoring and career mentoring to CU and local high school students. The company has achieved such consistent success for its clients that it offers a B minus guarantee option: Pick the guarantee program, and a B minus or better is guaranteed or your money back.

Buffalo Academy recently partnered with the Colorado Daily to educate more students about its services. The school is running a print and digital campaign, including Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. The results have been outstanding. Buffalo Academy has received 529,400 impressions  and 132 click throughs since we began optimization.

“Great job! You have done everything perfectly and I am certainly a believer now,” wrote owner Mori Batagva to his account executive Rachel Rener. “You and your team  have delivered what you promised in the nicest, kindest, most professional way using your superior project management skills…. You have been an awesome partner in my advertising adventures and I thank you.”

Kudos to Rachel for providing excellent service, and my thanks to Mr. Batagva for choosing to work with us.

When you partner with the Colorado Daily and/or its sister papers, you work with certified, local staff who are dedicated to your account. You enjoy one-on-one service coupled with trackable results. Call 303.473.1400 today for a free consultation.