Campus housing opened this week and classes have started … students are back and restocked with discretionary dollars (240 million of them). Are you ready?

The Colorado Daily will be welcoming the masses with a six-part series of magazines covering Campus Life (Aug. 24), Body & Soul (Aug. 27), Food & Drink (Aug. 28), The Great Outdoors (Aug. 29), Music & Entertainment (Aug. 30), and Buff Football & Fall Sports (Aug. 31). The Daily’s Welcome Back editions are the definitive guides to CU and Boulder.

They are also sold out.

Not to worry, you can still place your message next to these invaluable student resources. Each Welcome Back magazine will be wrapped by a regular edition of the Colorado Daily, which delivers exceptional reach every weekday.

The Colorado Daily owns Boulder’s 18-to-34-year-old market. It’s available at more than 680 locations throughout Boulder, as well as online and via mobile site and app 24/7. When you place your ad in the Daily, you’ll reach seven-of-10 CU students every week, as well as 28,800 local young professionals. When you place your ad in the Daily during Welcome Back week, your message will receive even more exposure.

Call 303.473.1400 to reserve your space in the Colorado Daily. Regular deadlines apply.