Happily, there are nearly 30,000 college students and thousands more young professionals in town to keep me young. I also turn to the same guide they use when they’re looking for fun: Hot Spots, published every Thursday in the Colorado Daily.

Featuring entertainment offerings from the area’s best clubs, bars, concert halls and eateries, Hot Spots is the ultimate resource for local entertainment. For as little as $45 an insertion you’ll reach 48,900 adults including seven-of-10 CU-Boulder students.

Boulder’s twenty-somethings are a busy bunch: 96 percent of them eat out, 78 percent go to the movies, 67 percent attend community events and 80 percent are concert-goers. They seek out entertainment locally as well as in Denver. And they have a big budget, spending $367 million a year.

Hey, when you’re hot, you’re hot. Contact our advertising department at 303.473.1400 to reserve your space in Hot Spots, which deadlines each Tuesday.