Saturday, Dec. 19 is graduation day at CU-Boulder. It’s also a great day to promote your message in the two most powerful media sources in Boulder Valley: the Colorado Daily and the Daily Camera’s Friday Magazine.
Nearly 2,500 students will be receiving their degree, and many families will be there from out of town to join in the festivities. They will be looking for a great lunch place, some holiday shopping, and other tourist attractions.
We’ll be there, too.
• The Colorado Daily will publish the names of all the graduates in its Winter Commencement Special Edition on Friday, Dec. 18.
• On graduation morning, the Colorado Daily’s Street Team will distribute copies of the special edition to the graduates and their family members at CU’s commencement ceremony.
• Free copies of Friday Magazine, with information about places to go and things to do while in town will be available for guests at nearly every hotel in Boulder. The one-two punch of the Camera and Colorado Daily delivers the CU market, as well Boulder Valley consumers. Call 303.473.1400 by Tues., Dec. 15 to reach the campus market in the Winter Commencement section.