When Boulder’s Wesley Fellowship wanted to make a big impact on the CU community, it turned to the Colorado Daily. The progressive Christian campus ministry has been
running print ads in the Daily. It has also been utilizing our online vibrant toolbar and wallpaper products to great effect. Just look at the transformation to ColoradoDaily.com pictured here; what a fantastic use of the medium.WesleyFoundation

The wallpaper art surrounding the site is striking. The vibrant toolbar message at the
bottom of the site is straightforward. The big box ad that expands from the toolbar is
compelling – what student wouldn’t like an inclusive atmosphere and free dinner?

And the exposure couldn’t be better. Our vibrant toolbar and wallpaper position Wesley
Fellowship on every page of ColoradoDaily.com, delivering more than 100,000 impressions daily. Our thanks to the Wesley Fellowship for trusting the Colorado Daily with its marketing investment. Call 303.473.1400 to put your brand in front of thousands of local consumers with our online vibrant toolbar and wallpaper.