CU-Boulder’s 31,000 students spend more than $240 million every year. The Colorado Daily reaches seven-of-10 of these impressionable, active spenders, as well as 28,800 local young professionals every week.

Publishing on Monday, April 23 in the Colorado Daily and on, our 2012 CU & Boulder’s BEST keepsake edition announces the winners and runners up of the Daily’s annual reader’s choice awards in more than 80 categories. The section
will be printed in full color with a glossy cover and promises to be one of our most popular editions.

When people are looking for businesses to frequent at CU and in Boulder, they turn to the Daily’s CU & Boulder’s BEST. Readers save the section and reference it all year long. And the online version is accessed repeatedly by locals and visitors alike.

The 2012 CU & Boulder’s BEST keepsake edition is your chance to tell your target audience why your business is the best, boostmarket share, invigorate your loyal customer base and create new fans. The section deadlines next Thursday, April 5. Call 303.473.1400 to reserv your space today.