Today is Colorado Gives Day, a day designated each year to encourage citizens in our state to donate to the local, non-profit organizations of their choice. There are many worthy groups in our community who work each day to make our lives better. Today is an opportunity to show your support for their programs and help pay it forward.

Perhaps you have heard the saying, “Give ‘til it hurts.” I tend to favor, “Give because if feels good.” If you are still deciding where to send your gift this year, please take a look at the Colorado Gives directory pages in today’s Daily Camera. You will see information from many local nonprofit associations in this section. Pick a group or two and send them what you feel is the right amount. No donation is too small; because it all counts.

Boulder County citizens are community minded—and generous. Let’s show just how much we value our community organizations with a donation. It takes just minutes to donate online at the official Colorado Gives Day website, Thank you for giving.