Just about everyone has shopped at a Jax store once or twice. For many of us, it’s a regular habit. It’s an eclectic shopping experience, whether you need to get bags of poultry feed, a gallon of paint or a fancy new ski jacket. There’s a saying that “success breeds success,” and that’s certainly been the case for Jax’s growing lineup of stores, from Fort Collins to Broomfield, to the Ames, Iowa store.

Jax president Jim Quinlan has said, “As a local merchant, we teach our staff to listen to our customers. I coach our employees to follow the golden rule. Treat the customer with utmost respect, because without our customers, we don’t have a job.” If you know Jim, you know he means it.

I want to congratulate Jax on their newest location, in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It promises to be a welcome addition to the local shopping scene. We truly appreciate the company’s continuing trust­—and investment—in our community newspapers. Be sure to watch for their holiday (and every day) ads, always full of great deals and offers.

Go get ‘em, Jax. We wish you much success at the new Wyoming store.