Publishing an obituary in the local news provides more than someone’s death notice. It is an important way to honor a life. The Daily Camera continues to be an essential local source for obituaries. We appreciate your trust in us to serve grieving families as a highly visible means to notify family, friends and associates of their loved one’s passing.

Because social media is such an important part of how people share information and celebrate the lives of family and friends, we have added a social media dimension to the local obituaries that are posted on our website and placed in our newspapers: we are now feeding these posts to our newspaper’s Facebook site.

Using the trusted Facebook sites of our newspapers makes it easy to share these notices with other friends. You will also find information designating the chosen funeral home and memorial service plans.

We also invite you to “like” Daily Camera obituaries on Facebook.

For more information, or to place an obituary, please call 303.473.1222.