Attended by more than 53,000 industry professionals from around the world, Natural Products Expo West is a three-day trade show for the healthy products industry. It’s one of the top 100 shows in the United States and one of the fastest 50 growing trade shows nationally and in Canada.

Our community has a particularly vested interest in Natural Products ExpoWest. The Boulder- Broomfield area is home to a slew of entrepreneurs in this industry, and our market is a prime target for the latest and greatest in natural products. As such, the Camera always devotes significant resources to covering the exhibition.

We’ll send a reporter, who will provide daily coverage through print and online installments as well as live blogging. We’ll also provide a sneak peek of the trade show in our March 8th edition of Business Plus.

This will be Natural Products Expo West’s 30th year showcasing the best-selling products of today and the trends of tomorrow. The Expo edition of Business Plus promises to be a compelling read as well as an ideal advertising vehicle. In addition to those with a personal stake in natural products, a whopping 73,400 Boulder- Broomfield adults read Business Plus every week.

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