Everyone loves a good deal. That’s one of the main reasons coupons are so popular with consumers. A dollar saved is a dollar earned, right? If you are an advertiser, you may already know how  effective they can be in bringing first-time customers.
When Rick and Linda, owners of Doug’s Day Diner in Boulder, wanted to boost their business, they got in touch with the  Camera. Doug’s Day Diner had just won both Best Breakfast and Best Diner categories in the Colorado Daily’s CU & Boulder’s Best. (Their Tex-Mex versions of breakfast burritos, omelettes, burgers and sandwiches are pretty tempting.) It was time to capitalize on their success with a promotion.
Rick and Linda told me that they had gotten no response from ads they had placed in other coupon books and magazines. Doug’s Day Diner began running coupons in the Camera and the Colorado Daily for two-for-one entrees.
Rick and Linda were thrilled with their campaign. They’ve had an incredible response and business tripled. Every time the ad with the coupon runs, they get another bump in business.” Sound good? Call us at 303.473.1400 to speak to our friendly ad team.