Every Sunday, the Camera’s Life & Arts section provides a unique snapshot of local arts, entertainment, events and activities as well as the local writing scene, best selling books, hot new music, movies and television shows. The section also includes Memories, our weekly engagement, wedding and anniversary page; Nonprofit, our page spotlighting community connections, programming and benefits, and the popular Diversions page, featuring crossword puzzles, advice columns and more.

I rely on Life & Arts to keep me plugged in to the arts and nonprofit communities – an integral part of my job at the Camera. I also use it to fill my personal calendar with engaging performances and activities. My favorite is The Hot 5 column, which never fails to illuminate some bit of current culture I’ve missed.

I’m not the only Life & Arts admirer; 79,600 market adults read the section every week. Call 303.473.1400 today to reach these active consumers.