Moms control 85 percent of household spending nationwide. And they earn it, too: More than 78 percent of women with children under 18 were employed in 2000. Yet 60 percent of them feel that marketers ignore their needs. There’s a clear disconnect and opportunity here.


Companies that make the adjustment and reach out to power moms stand to bring home a lot of bacon.


 We’ve got you covered. The print and online editions of the Camera reach 78 percent of Boulder Valley moms every week. We publish the only product written specifically for local women in our market, Women’s Magazine. And we have innovative tools – from e-marketing to direct mail – to target these decision makers.


       Consider me your test subject; I have two beautiful girls and not enough time to spend with them. How will your products/services increase my quality of life as a parent and an individual? Call 303.473.1400 to make your case to the thousands of active, affluent moms in our market.