There are hundreds of locally owned businesses in Boulder County. Consumers welcome these independents for adding to our shopping options.
Most consumers understand the difference that shopping locally makes. For instance, 93 percent of consumers believe it’s important to support local businesses, and 73 percent consciously shop at small businesses because they don’t want them to disappear. Eighty-nine percent say that small businesses play an important role in our local economic well-being. Every dollar spent right here adds to our local tax base and sustains employment opportunities.
We have an effective, affordable way for small businesses to reach their customers. Locally Owned advertising pages help you welcome local-thinking customers to your business. Locally Owned publishes Monday in the Daily Camera and features a rotating spotlight of participating local businesses.
Rebecca Feldman, owner of Advantage Electrolysis in Boulder, says, “I have been here  for 30 years and this is by far the best investment in advertising dollars for my small business. This ad brings a steady stream of new clients.”
Call us at 303.473.1400. It’s a local call, of course!