My friend Kathy is a gardening goddess. Her property is covered in raised beds that are nothing short of inspirational – the beauty, the bounty, the endless vegetables!

My gardening prowess is less pronounced, but my yard did produce a shocking number of zucchini last year, the size of which would make anyone blush. I find the process  of sowing and reaping incredibly gratifying, as does the rest of my family. We’re looking forward to another bumper crop this year, and my friends are counting the days until I start passing out loaves of my now famous zucchini bread.

Our market is home to thousands of outdoor enthusiasts like Kathy and myself, from do-it-yourselfers to those whose thumbs aren’t quite as green. Of Boulder Valley adults:
• 90,300 are lawn and garden supply shoppers.
• 36,500 utilize landscaping services.
• 106,500 are homeowners.
• 123,900 shop hardware and home improvement stores.

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