It was ambitious as well as exhausting, but now my family has a gazebo as well as some lovely landscaping. Did I mention the gazebo? I am one happy camper.


The Camera’s Outdoor Style page has provided wonderful inspiration. Heavy hitters like Sturtz & Copeland, The Tree Farm and Lee Hill Peat publish their home and garden tips, tricks and specials every Saturday in the local section. It’s a fabulous resource for DIY-ers like myself as well as the businesses who serve the 90,300 of us who buy lawn and garden supplies and the 123,900 of us who shop at hardware and home improvement stores.


The full-color group page will run every Saturday through the fall. Rates include color and start as low as $22.49 per column inch, an amazing group rate for one of our most popular sections. Contract advertisers can provide relevant content for the page.


The Outdoor Style page deadlines every Thursday at noon. Call 303.473.1400 for more information.