The warm weather is finally here, and I love it. I can almost taste summer – iced beverages on the deck with my husband, kids and dogs running happily wild in the soon-to-be-finished backyard.


I’m looking forward to next week’s Friday Magazine so I can fill in the rest of the details. The May 22 issue of Friday Magazine is the Summer Calendar edition, packed with concerts, exhibits, festivals, broadcasts, movies, tastings and other must-see, must-do happenings during the hottest months. The Summer Calendar edition always has a spot next to my calendar at home; I wouldn’t want to miss anything.


Nor should our advertisers. Friday Magazine is the market leader for entertainment news, and this issue delivers extra exposure because of its keepsake value.


The Summer Calendar edition of Friday Magazine deadlines this Tuesday, May 19. Call 303.473.1400 to publicize your summer offerings to your customers.