The Daily Camera’s 15-Second Pitch spotlights Boulder and Broomfield counties’ diverse business landscape and notable products Tuesdays through Saturdays on our business page. The feature is a great example of how we support local businesses. It also demonstrates the power of being mentioned in the Camera.

“I submitted my 15-second pitch on a whim and I didn’t even know that it ran. But some days later, I noticed someone from Boulder had signed up on our website for a trial account for our service,” wrote Dave Sims, founder and CEO of, a Boulder company that collects and organizes loan documents. “Fast forward to today, they are one of our best customers.

“Because both our companies are in Boulder, we meet frequently to see how we can serve them better, and they give us feedback on our service. It’s a great relationship, and it began with my 15 second pitch.”

Pitch your business by visiting and clicking “Submit Business” under 15-Second Pitches.