Boulder’s Indigo Skye Massage ran a deal on in August, offering a 60-minute massage for $29 (61 percent off). The results were impressive, according to owner Melissa Wiedemann:

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for such a successful BoCoDeal run and experience. [BoCoDeals .com consultants] have been super great to talk with and exchange ideas with, and I’m thankful for this marketing opportunity. Thus far, the many new clients that I have talked to are also so very pleasant.”

Indigo Skye Massage’s services are its best sales tools. But new customers can’t be converted into loyal fans until those new people walk through the door. That’s where excels.

In addition to a slew of fresh clientele, advertisers receive a promotional value of $7,400+ if they run Monday through Thursday and a whopping $11,000+ if they’re our weekend deal provider. That includes exclusive promotional space in print, social media outlets, online and via e-mail. BoCoDeals .com delivers local know-how combined with unparalleled reach. We get the word out, loud and clear.

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