Via is a private nonprofit organization that provides services for individuals who are unable to drive due to age, health, disability or income. If you haven’t used Via’s services yourself, I’m sure you’ve seen its distinctive vehicles driving around town.

Formerly known as Special Transit, Via has been serving our community for 33 years. The Camera has been proud to sponsor Via for many of those years, as well as provide integrated advertising solutions to the organization.

“The name change and rebranding effort this year was a huge success, with rapid adoption by the community and a broad reach to many constituent groups. Unequivocally, a great deal of the success of the marketing and rebranding of this past year lies with the tremendous work of Mark Kranjcec] and Pete [Christiansen, both Camera multimedia marketing experts] and the sponsorship support of the Camera,” wrote Via’s director of communications Mary Cobb in her 2013 request for sponsorship. “We could not have done it without you and I want you to know our deep appreciation for your contribution.”

The Camera is proud to support Via as well as 120 other hard-working nonprofit organizations every year with our time, talent and more than $2 million of support. Visit to learn more about the transportation, mobility and independence Via provides to thousands in our community … and find out what you can do to help.