Gift cards are the most requested holiday present, according to the National Retail Federation. It’s easy to understand the appeal. Gift cards are convenient, portable and practical. They are as close to a sure thing BigRedFas gift giving gets.



From a business standpoint, they can be quite profitable: Gift card spending was predicted to reach $28.79 billion last holiday season. If you’re a business owner, the only question is how to maximize your piece of the gift card revenue pie. The answer is by partnering with the Camera.

Big Red F did just that in November and December of last year, running the ads pictured here on DailyCamera .com and the Camera’s iPad app. The campaign netted 112,000 impressions (viewing the message) and 326 click throughs (taking action on the message). The ads were fun, and the offers were interesting and well-timed for the holiday rush. The campaign was an enormous success.

We can generate buzz about your business – for gift card sales, daily deals, events and beyond. Call 303.473.1400 today to partner with the market leader.