Social media activity now accounts for seven of the top 10 factors that boost organic search engine ranking results on Google. A full 90 percent of customers would recommend a brand to others after interacting with them on social media, according to a recent study conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau. As growing audiences migrate to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, a brand’s ability to connect and influence these customers is critical.

This certainly holds true in our wired market. In August, the Camera hosted three free seminars on how to engage and retain potential customers in the social media marketplace.

“Thanks so much for sharing all the social media updates with us,” wrote Sturtz & Copeland owner Carol Riggs the day after the seminar. “Great presentation and wonderful food. Enjoyed meeting Matt [Flood, Camera digital sales executive]. You inspired us and we worked on things all day today.”

The Camera is here to help you and your business become similarly inspired. Our social media network has more than 69,000 Twitter followers and Facebook fans, making it the largest local news social media audience in the market. And that’s just one way we reach our active, growing market.

Want to talk social media? Search marketing? Reaching your customers online and via mobile devices? You don’t need to wait for a seminar. We’re happy to share our expertise anytime. We’ll even buy you lunch. Call 303.473.1400 today for a free consultation.