The Daily 12-19-2013 12-39-22 PMCamera has a new e-mail marketing program that connects you with your audience where, when and how they would like to be reached for as little as $30 to $50 per thousand. All you have to do is select the demographics you want to reach from hundreds of available categories. We help you create a compelling ad and then distribute it to your customized e-mail database.

E-mail marketing is a straightforward advertising outlet that allows you to distribute information to a wide range of specific potential customers for a small investment. And it’s trackable: You’ll know the response rate of each e-mail push, giving you valuable feedback about what resonates with your target market.

We used e-mail marketing to sell copies of our flood book and are thrilled with the outcome. Our campaign had a 15.49 percent open rate, a 1.87 percent click through rate, and resulted in more than 100 books sold.

It’s not too late to talk directly to your audience about your last-minute gift offerings. E-mail marketing is also a great venue for promoting after holiday sales, New Year’s events, resolution boosters (health club memberships, continuing education, travel), and merchant associations. Call 303.473.1400 today for a free consultation.